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COVID-19 – CKO Phase I Reopening Guidelines

The following guidelines have been created for our member organizations, to assist in the modification of their operations to align with the current public health measures in place in Ontario. At no time should these guidelines be interpreted as superseding or providing a justification for not closely following public health directives, government regulations or further canoe kayak specific or general return to sport guidelines in a given member organization’s municipality.

These recommendations have been compiled from CKC guidelines, provincial regulations and recommendations from our insurer. There are additional links on this page to other resources that may be helpful in the safe resumption of our sport. CKO will continue to provide support to all member organizations and clubs as they make decisions on returning to operations and paddling, based on their unique situations.

A chart is included below with links to all relevant Federal, Provincial and Territorial COVID-19 public health sources. Member organizations and clubs should also consult with their respective municipalities for further guidance and measures which may be applicable.

It is important to note that CKC’s On-Water Safety Policies apply at all times. The CKC Release Agreement has been modified to include a warning regarding contagious diseases. We recommend that this release be used by all participants or that the contagion clause be added to existing release forms.

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