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Ontario Marathon Canoe Kayak Association


Founded in 1975, the Ontario Marathon Canoe Racing Association (OMCKRA) provides opportunities for all levels to compete in marathon paddling events offering sport-specific training and competition programs for single and double blade paddlers. Races include a wide variety of classes from sit-down marathon canoes to North Canoe, Surfski, Outrigger and SUP.

Marathon is generally defined as races longer than 10 km with races 200 km or longer.  Competitors “take the water as it comes,” learn techniques to read the water and the best line whether deep or shallow, lake, river, creek or “open ocean”.  Portages are often included as part of the racecourse.  Ontario has a number of historic marathon canoe races including the Upper Jock River Canoe Race and Canoe the Nonquon, both of which have been running since the 1960s. To support these great races, OMCKRA’s sanctioning activities include providing rules, boat specifications, safety and other policies, insurance and advice to race organizers.  In addition to supporting races OMCKRA provides training to Marathon NCCP coaches and paddlers to increase their abilities and enjoyment of the sport.



Race Development Program (RDP)

  • Sport Accident and Liability insurance. Boat specification. Race timing, registration and reporting guidelines. Organizer collaboration.  Officials training.


Paddler Development Program (PDP)                                                                              

  • Skills assessment and development. Developing measurements of success. Increasing proficiency for all ages and abilities


Coach Development Program (CDP)                                                                                 

  • Coach ‘Locker’ and materials. Training, supporting and increasing the number of our NCCP certified Marathon Coach, Facilitators and Evaluators.

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