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Marathon (OMCKRA)


Mission Statement

To promote, represent and develop distance paddling as a racing sport in Ontario.



Standardizing specifications of crafts in the various classes for all races; Advertising and promoting sanctioned events and assisting organizers in improving their events; Promoting safety in paddling particularly as related to distance racing; Encouraging Ontario residents of all ages to become involved in marathon paddling competitions; Offering sport-specific training programs to coaches and paddlers.




CKO Sprint enables the development of excellence & growth for our members.


Organizational Strategies:

Athlete Development: reinforce a coordinated provincial strategy for the progressive development of Ontario athletes.

Club Development: support the sustainability of clubs throughout Ontario.

Technical Leadership: enable the ongoing development of new and established coaches and officials.

Organizational Excellence: implement systems and structures that enable the achievement of strategic goals.


Whitewater Ontario (WO)



Whitewater Ontario Advocacy is about maintaining and improving the whitewater community’s recreational resources. It’s about celebrating rivers, gaining and maintaining access and creating and developing when opportunities arise.


Whitewater Ontario is a volunteer-driven organization uniting, supporting, and sustaining the inclusive development of the whitewater paddling community and resources.

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